The NeuroFieldz Inc Team

Srinivas Sridhar, PhD


Prof. Srinivas Sridhar, Founder, NeuroFieldz, PI, Northeastern University is University Distinguished Professor of Physics, Bioengineering and Chemical Engineering at Northeastern University and Lecturer on Radiation Oncology, Harvard Medical School. For over 30 years he has been studying and developing new instrumentation techniques and sensors for a variety of applications. His research has led to more than 200 peer-reviewed journal publications, several patents issued and applications pending, and more than 215 presentations at international and national conferences and research institutions. He is a key developer of the EFEG concept and NeuroDot sensor and its applications to neuroscience and neuromedical technologies. He is an expert in neurotechnology, nano-photonics, and nano medicine. Sridhar’s work is focused on translating his research discoveries into commercial and clinical products with a focus on improving human health. In addition to his research, he has held numerous research and administrative leadership positions, supervising small groups as well as large multi-M$ organizations.

Craig Versek, PhD

Principal Scientist

Dr Versek is an expert in programming, nano-fabrication, MEMS, electronics and instrument design. Instrumental in developing the hardware and signal processing for the NeuroDot technology.  At NeuroFieldz he has been a key player in developing the EFEG and Electric Field Encephalography technologies (patent pending). He has led the team that developed the first wireless NeuroDot prototype described in Phase I report. He has made pitches to venture capitalists, developed a business plan, carried out market research, partnering, customer discovery and acquisition to develop a roadmap for commercialization. He has experimental project management skills gained from previous federal projects in collaboration with industry, to meet the metrics of the product. He is the project co-PI and will lead the team to accomplish the pre-defined tasks necessary for successful commercialization.

Peter Bex, PhD


Dr. Peter Bex, Professor, Northeastern University, is an acclaimed translational vision scientist specializing in visual diseases like Amblyopia, and Glaucoma Age-related Macular Disease. He develops new technologies and novel therapeutic approaches that help to maximize residual visual function and promote the most effective rehabilitation. Dr. Bex collaboraties at New England College of Optometry, Advanced Eye Centers and Children’s Hospital Boston.

Kamala Sridhar, PhD

President and Chief Financial Officer

Dr. Kamala Sridhar is a trained healthcare professional with extensive administrative and financial experience.

Consultants and Advisors

NeuroFieldz is advised by outstanding ophthalmologists and neurologists in the Boston area. 

The company also has experienced business advisors.