NeuroFieldz Inc

Revolutionary mobile brain and eye monitoring technologies

NeuroFieldz develops revolutionary mobile brain and eye monitoring technologies.

NeuroFieldz was created from the NSF ICorps program to commercialize the NeuroDot sensors using the Electric Field Encephalography EFEGTM technology developed at Northeastern University. The NeuroFieldz team includes neurotechnologists, scientists and neurology clinicians. 

NeuroVEPTM Technology

NeuroFieldz’s breakthrough wireless sensor system measures brain activity with an integrated, highly powerful neuromonitoring technique called Electric Field Encephalography (EFEG). Combined with a virtual reality headset carrying an onboard smartphone enabling custom visual stimulus patterns, a portable product called NeuroVEP provides tests for neuro-visual disorders based on visual evoked potentials and fields (VEPF) measured by the NeuroDot. Due to its portability and versatility, the product provides new revenue streams by reducing setup and testing times, enabling new diagnostic tests and expanding current clinic-based practice.

Why it is special

  • Integrated visual stimulus and neuromonitoring

  • Objective neuro-optical diagnostics

  • Can present separate stimuli to each eye

  • Dry Nanostructured Bioelectrodes for reduced setup time < 1min

  • High Quality Data Streaming, EFEG superior to EEG

  • Custom software for apps

  • Lightweight < 2lbs, Portable to ER, field, clinic

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Rapid Objective Diagnostics

Glaucoma                    Macular Degeneration

Multiple Sclerosis            Optical Neuritis

Traumatic Brain Injury     Cancer Tumors

Visual Field Defects        Amblyopia

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